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SOFTJEE MIDI & DIGITAL TRACKER. FULL VERSIONS. Aparently SOFTJEE No longer support thier Atari products so they do not mind full versions been distributed. So here is my registered copy I brought some years ago, enjoy!

STOS STE Extension. No docs.

'SoundFX' v1.5 is  an STOS accessory which allows complex sound effects  to be created and saved for inclusion  into an  STOS program

Get STOS to speak words with this simple machine code program.

SPECSHOW - STOS Spectrum 512 screen displayer

SPECSHOW II- machine code program ,Spectrum 512 screen displayer

STOS Squasher, Compress any file.

create those magnificent parallax star fields with just a single command

STE Extension. Add extra joysticks & light guns, play samples,

STORM BLITTER EXTENSION      V0.1 BETA. Adds Blitter commands to STOS.

STE SOUND EXTENSION, everything you need to play sound samples on the STE.


BLITTER Extension, no docs.

STOS Manual in ACB and PRG format!

STOSMIDI, extension and examples of uses of the MIDI ports from within STOS.

STOSPLAY, Play Replay samples in STOS.

STOSPLAY.PRG  is  a  machine-code program  for  playing  Quartet modules by interrupt from within a STOS program

STOS TRACKER, play ABK tunes at 7,10,14khz. Includes docs and extentions plus examples.

STOS-Vidi extensions v1.00.These extension commands can be used from STOS BASIC and STOS

Compiler to provide easy to use and powerful commands which control the Vidi frame grabber hardware.  This allows you to

write your own customised applications which tap the full potential of Vidi-ST

STZIP V2.6 & LZHSHELL. Pack or Unpack zip or LZH files on your ST.

SYSINFO - Handy little app to list your ST specs.

SAMPLAY50, by exxos, Plays a small WAV loop in STOS using the STE sound extension at 50khz. Mono and Stereo. Run in STEEM at 16mhz..

Chris Swinson.

STE Sound test basic for steem!

Chris Swinson.

Steem detection within Stos!

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