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All files on this site are freely available via the Internet. To the best of my knowledge they are within the public domain. If any files are not and you wish for them to be removed then please Email me.

Please support this creative project the PeST!  I did...

                  15 November 2006                                 updateyellow&black.gif

The website is undergoing a new design and  more content will be added!!


New Link added  www.ataritufty.com Atari demos and much more!


26 August 05

Added the Amos Manual on the Amiga page!


22 August 05 Updates!

Mega Stos FTP is now in the A-Z Index.


More demos, stos routines and games added by the following: Thanks goes to: Andy Cato, Chris Swinson (see A-Z).


A game added by Richard Hollins! and coded in Stos!

Rob Perry has provided us with a few of his Stos demos, check them out here!


The Amiga side of the site is now open! I have added the Amos pro language and other Amos related items!

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

More to come!


04/08/05 Site opened

Please enjoy your visit!

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